The 4-in-1 Tennis Gadget

“Why wouldn’t every player want one?”
David S – Southfields

” It was great, my balls were dry after getting soaked and I could play with them again instead of throwing away.”
Peter Scull. – Wimbledon

“I use the Tennis Ball Dryer all the time, as is easier to carry the balls in, as well as saving me money. It really works and everyone at the club thinks it’s cool.”
Andrew Patterson – Frankfurt

“I was impressed that Tennis Ball Dryer dried the wet tennis balls faster than simply air drying. It looks really good too.”
Tim Hewson – Reading

“My son saw mine and insisted on having his own.”
Seb – Wimbledon

“What a great idea, this is really useful.”
Andrew Popovic – California

“Makes a really good gift for a tennis player. I’m getting my sister one for Christmas.”
Amy – Haslemere

“I use one for my golf balls too, as it dries and cleans them”
Andrew McCullough

“I have two. I use one for my tennis matches. The second one is for when I walk my dog, as I throw tennis balls for him to fetch and don’t want to carry a soggy ball covered in dog saliva. I can leave it in the bag ready for the next walk. Useful to store other items when walking too.”
Iain Stacey – Aylesbury